Blood Micrsocopy

Blood Microscopy is going to the root cause…
What is Blood Microscopy
Blood Microscopy is a tool to assist an individual to see & understand what is going on in their own body & to find the root cause!!!
Understanding the inside & how to regulate our pH is key to REACT or PREVENT disease & illness.
Together we look for 5 main indicators/stressors in the sample:

1)pH of the blood (the acid/alkaline state).
2)The Zeta potential of the red blood cells, this is the electric or magnetic charge of the cell, indicative of hydration, oxygenation, and capacity of functioning of the red blood cells.
3)Level of toxicity due to poisoning through environmental factors, medications, drugs, cosmetics, supplements and vitamins, tap water, dental materials, and food additives.
4)Nutritional state.
5)Oxidative stress (the measure of free radical activity in your blood, it is the body’s inability to take out the garbage/toxins and waste).
Prepare for your session.
Please watch video before appointment.
*No food or beverages except WATER 4-6 hours prior to appointment.
*Please arrive 10 min prior to appointment.